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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Mav Aqua Doc Stain and Scale Remover and Preventer

 Growing up, I always wanted a pool, the little plastic ones are the closest I ever got to that. Was it a bad childhood? Of course not, but it would have been so much better with a pool. now as an adult, I can finally have my pool and hot tub and I am enjoying it every single day.

Enjoying them so much, definitely mean that I have to keep making sure they are clean and ready to go for guests or family in general. No one wants to go to someone's home pool and find it all dirty.

I was really excited about getting this bottle of Stain and Scale remover and preventer from Mav Aqua Doc. I've been having trouble with it this year and have put many hours into keeping everything clean and ready.

I was really impressed by how easy this was to use, it worked really well in less the time and I haven't had to do it since, where as with my normal stuff, I would have haad to have done it again by now.

I would reccomend this product and I will keep using it and probably buy it again. There is a lot of time left before summer ends, make sure you grab a bottle or two, to keep your pool or spa clean and ready to go as well. I will leave the link down below. 

Thank you so much for coming and reading this post and I hope your water is clean and ready to swim in!

I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

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