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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Put your feet up with YYET.

As I get older, I really understand the quote "sit back and put your aching feet up." As a kid (0-25) you may feel tired, but you go right through it.

You never really understand it until you start working, become a mom to human or fur babies, or if you run around and office all day. You wouldn't think working behind a desk, that you would hurt, but you really do.

This cushion is perfect for all around the house or office. It is low enough to fit under a desk or in a smaller area, where you can still put your feet up.

I am loving the look of this thing, first off. It is a sleek fabric that isn't clinging. You can put up barely legs or feet and you won't stick to it.

You can use this in two ways, I think of it as a turtle. Up right, as a hill, to just put your feet up, or upside down on the turtles back. On that side, you can rock it, it has nodules that massage the feet, and a nice angle.

No matter which way you use this, it sits still, you don't have to worry about it going across the floor and chasing it. I have to say, it works really well and my legs and feet are feeling better while watching TV.

This is a great cushion. I found are in the market for one, you definitely need to check this one out at the link below.

Thank you so much for reading everyone. Please leave me your comments below.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review.  No matter of price, all opinions are truthful and my own.

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