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Sunday, March 24, 2019

I laminate everything!

From a young age, I started collecting "stuff". Most of it had no monetary value, but meant the world to me. Between multiple moves and my parents throwing away all our crap, I lost it all.

Since I have been with my husband though, I have been keeping everything. Of course, I laminate it all. Love notes, receipts, hotel keys, etc. I will keep it and I will laminate it. My step daughter even has her own binder of laminated stuff, that she did herself.

On to the important stuff, like this JZBRAIN Laminator. There are things that I like about this laminator and of course things that I didn't like. Let's begin with what I didn't like.

The JZBRAIN Laminator takes 3-5 minutes to warm up. It feels like an eternity. I plugged my current one in and it took half the time to heat up. Once it is, a light pops on. Letting you know it is ready to be used.

My next issue, is the fact that you can use this for very small sheets, up to huge sheets, but there is no internal barrier that comes up to make the sheets go in straight.

Also, every few things that got laminated, maybe 1 in 3, came out rippled will a wavy.    effect and sometimes the ends wouldn't look right compared to the rest of the laminated sheet.

On the flip side, this laminator is sleek and beautiful. It comes out to about half the size of my current laminator and much quieter. Waiting for it to warm up isn't such a big issue once you take it all in.

It does laminate most things very well. I was happy with almost all the results. I laminated cardboard, cardstock, sticker paper, and regular paper and it took them all like a champ.

It is a bit slow spitting the stuff out but you have to have patience with this thing. You can laminate some seriously large things in here, I just need to find the sheets!

All in all, this is a really good laminator. Every product has it's pros and cons and I believe the pros win this one! Check it out on Amazon below.

Thank you so much for reading everyone. I'm off to laminate some more. Have a beautiful day and leave your comments below.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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