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Monday, February 4, 2019

Say thank you with Suphouse.

Growing up my favorite thing about any class was the chalkboard. It just look like so much fun. I just always wanted to draw on them. The dry erase boards just aren't the same.

There's just something about the smell and the look of the chalk that's enticing. When the chalkboard marker phase came along in the last few years I definitely jumped on that so when I saw these thank you cards I had to check them out.

These thank you cards are from Suphouse and they're retro chalkboard thank you cards. Each one looks much like a chalkboard or like it was drawn by hand for each person personally.

Each card has its own individual style and look while still looking the same. I am very happy with all of these the foreign language is whatever you know I can take or leave I don't speak them so and you know nobody I know does so it'll be interesting but I will definitely still use them.

Just like traditional thank you cards they have a message on the outside and are all blank on the inside. The one of the only complaints that I have are the outsides are often not the same colors they kind of look faded on some of them but still very beautiful.

 My only other issue is I kind of wish that they would have included some blank outside cards so that you can use a chalkboard marker and make your own thank you card. Or they could have included a chalkboard marker as well.

Obviously these things are cosmetic things that I would like to see done or you know printing issues so I can't fault them for either thing. 

All in all these are beautiful cards and I will definitely be using them for my cousin's baby shower next month so make sure you check that now you will definitely see pictures on Facebook and Instagram with these cards so check it out at the link below things guys.

What was your favorite childhood memory of? Classroom, play time, family time, etc anything. I want to hear some amazing family memories please comment below and let me know. I love to read your guys's comments just wish I had more of them so I could get to know you guys better. Thanks for reading guys.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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