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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Aphro pink Colorbags Forid

This year we are in the middle of a life change and moving within a month. So, this year, I decided not to put up a tree, it just seemed like too big of a hassle.

After just a week, I started getting sad about not having a tree or decorations. Forid came to the rescue and I have so many different colors to show you over the next few days and new Christmas crafts with each one.

If you keep up with the blog, I'm sure you've seen me talk about Forid in the past.  They are an amazing company that sells many things but also a lot of amazing trash bags.

This one is called Aphro Pink and it is definitely pink. I actually love the color, it's not in your face and of course is much less bright when you have it in a trash can.

At 4 gallons, these bags are perfect for bathroom, living room, or bedroom small trash cans. They seem thin at first but they are actually pretty thick and they hold smells in easily. I often use these for the gifts the cat leaves in her box.

One thing that's different about these bags, is the fact that they are called Colorbags, like a new series of bags. The second and pretty cool difference, is the fact that they have a scent satchel in the box. It leaves the bags smelling amazing and you can use it else where after you use all the bags.

For this craft, I did a fun Christmas stocking with these Aphro Pink bags and silver Forid bags. I wanted a different kind of stocking from the normal white and red.

I am loving the evolution of this company and they are amazing people. If you need a colored trash bag, Forid is the name to know. Make sure you check them out at the link below and keep checking back in over the next few days for some more amazing bags!

How do you get into the Christmas spirit? Also if you're from a cold state like me and there isn't snow on the ground at Christmas, do you feel cheated like me? Let me know below!

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are truthful and 100% my own.

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