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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Show off your bling!

Some trends stick around and some trends go back and forth. When I was in high school, the plastic goth chokers were in, and I had to have one.

After some goading, I managed to talk my grandma into buying me one, on the way to church. Yes, I did that, don't judge me. HAHA. Recently, that trend came back and I'm super excited.

Rappers wearing big chains, is another trend that has made a come back. Yes it has been around but it use to be huge. Basically, it is a normal necklace, possibly oversized, on an oversized chain and it probably costs more than your home.

The great thing about this necklace, you get bling, without looking like a rapper. My husband is a 36 year old white  man, a rapper is the last thing her needs to look like at this point in life.

But like I said, this bling is for everyone. It is a 3mm CZ Cross necklace with a beautiful spiral looking thick chain. I don't believe you could break this chain, the clasp maybe but not the chain.

Speaking of the clasp, I really love the clasp on this necklace. Instead of a simple loop, that breaks apart, the loop is built in to the end and much easier to take on and off.

So, whether you are a 36 year old white man, or a broke rapper, you will love this necklace. While you're over there looking at this one, take a look around at their others. It would make a beautiful Christmas present.

I have told you a lot about my old obsessions and I really want to hear yours', please comment and let me know and of course about this awesome necklace.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. Regardless of price, all opinions are 100% my own.

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