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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Live the Jollylife and decorate your beard.

Every year, there are hot new trends. sometimes they are ridiculous and usually they involve something new and cool..of course.

In these times, we all need a bit of a laugh. many trends will do that, remember Tickle me Elmo years back? weird, silly, and cool.

This trend is probably one of the weirdest, I have ever seen. These are beard decorating ornaments and I can definitely say that this is a first for me and the blog.

When you are ready to decorate a beard, you will find bells, balls, and presents, attached to a butterfly clip.

The clips are basically non-pull and they stay really well even with head shaking. Plus I think they are really festive and cute.

When they are being used in a beard or other hair, these would also be perfect for decorating mini trees.

All in all these are awesome. They hang well, hold tight, and even make some noise. Get into the spirit!

Back in the day, Lisa Frank was the trend and I loved it. Everything had to be that cool cartoon look. Sometimes my mom bought knock offs to save money, I was not impressed. What about you? Did that ever happen to you and with what? Let me know below.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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