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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Light it up!

Growing up, we used the same light bulbs for everything. You know the ones, 40 watt with a big bulb. If you were lucky they would last a few years. But you used them for lamps, ceiling lights, spot lights etc.

Now, many things need tiny bulbs. The big bulbs seem to be a thing of the past and I'm actually said about that. They were much cheaper and worked out very well. Everything in my home, besides two lamps, use these tiny bulbs, so I guess I better accept it!

Once the box arrives, you see how well they are packaged. It's also a perfect way to store the ones that aren't in use and possibly other small ones of similar shape. I'm always worried these are going to break and I love the added protection.

These bulb are flame shaped at the tip and are 40 watt, E12 warm bulbs. For bulbs, they actually seem pretty solid and may withstand a fall, but i'm not testing it to find out. With the frosted and flame tip together, they look beautiful.

My first stop to bulb-ville, was in my bonus daughter's room. We just got her a new lamp and of course, these bulbs fit just right. A wee bit taller than the lamp, but I think it adds to the effect.

I've been replacing bulbs all day and getting much better light. I have to say, these are great bulbs. Pick up a pack for your home, at the link below.

What do you miss from your childhood? Let me know below. With everything coming back, we may just see it soon! As always thank you so much for reading.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Regardless of price, all opinions are my own and 100% honest and true.

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