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Monday, November 5, 2018

Get with the gripper, the Anti-Slip Rug Gripper.

Growing up, we did many things, we no longer do today. One of my favorites, was rug surfing. My grandma had so many rugs in the kitchen and we use to love to slip and slide on each one.

Now the job has been handed down to Jane, our cat. The poor girl slips and slides on the rugs and definitely needed some assistance. I was tired of my rugs always needing something after she got done, unfolded, moved back etc.

When I saw this pop up, from one of my favorite companies nonetheless, I had to try it. Our sanity is on the line! They do take a bit longer to get to you through Amazon, but nowhere near the extra month they said it could take. So if you order them, don't worry, you will see them in a week, two tops!

Now, you get 8 strips in a package. They show two strips on each edge, which would mean, you would use the whole thing on one rug. Now, you can do a few things, like cut them in half for smaller rugs, or do what I did, just use one strip for each side of the rug, so I could do two rugs.

Using them is pretty simple, they are marked on both sides, carpet and floor, so you know what needs to stick where. If you have ever used carpet tape, this reminds me a lot of that. I was a little apprehensive about basically gluing (carpet tape holds tight!) my rug to the floor, but I did.

I have physically been able to pull the rug off the floor twice now and it left no marks and didn't ruin the floor. You really have to make sure you place it right the first time, but if you are like me, you can get a second or third chance if need be.

Since then, I have been walking all over it, kicking, attempting to move it, and nothing, that thing is a rock. If you have rugs that need to stay put, this set, will definitely do the trick! Plus, Forid is an amazing business just starting out, and they can use all the love you can give them. They are amazing people. Please make sure you click the link below and find out more about these   rug grippers, and click on their shop and grab a box of trash bags as well.

I use to hate when people said "back in the day' and now I say it. Did any of you walk a mile to school in the snow..because I didn't! lol I want to hear your best stories, truth or whoppers. Let me know below. Thank you so much for reading everyone.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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