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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Wow, you've got a Niceface!

Mother daughter make up moments.. we all had them right? Well, I didn't. I was such a tomboy, I didn't ask about make up or care about it at all. It can tear you away from friends when you're younger.

I remember, one year my hair was cut short and I of course didn't wear make up. My friend was in a beauty pageant, and they wanted more people to participate. She walked around in the backyard and asked everyone but me. You see, they had nice long hair and always a made up face. When I confronted her, that's pretty much what she had to say. As a society, we put too much value on beauty.

With that said, I still want to look good for myself and my husband. Society and their trends can hit the road. I do what I want. But mostly, I don't. I never did learn how to put on makeup and even now, I barely fumble through it.

The easier the better for me, which is why, this product is perfect. it glides right on, unlike the normal pencils. One side of the wand, is a brush for your brows, and the other is the pencil portion.

I was so scared putting it on for the first time. Thought I was going to look up and see myself looking like a clown with painted on eyebrows. It came out pretty well though, just a little too light for my eyebrows.

If the double sided thing wasn't cool enough for you, you will love this next part. You can take the head off of the one side and replace it with one of the other two shades. It comes with  light, medium, and dark brown pencil heads. No matter what shade of brown you are, these should match. (Mine is black, I was just hoping the darkest shade would work.)

So far, this pencil combo has worked well for my friend. She is young, but great at make up already. If you have brown hair, you need to check this out, It's pretty awesome and very easy to use!

Who taught you how to do make up? I still wish someone would teach me! Great memories of other people doing my make up, so there's that I guess. haha

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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