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Friday, September 14, 2018

Bark up the right tree, with Cinnamon bark essential oils.

Back in the day, if you wanted your home to smell good, you lit a candle, or made yourself yummy smelling food or potpouri. Either was good enough to suffice!

To me, essential oils are essentially that..our own potpouri. Before I get into the review, I just wanted to leave a warning. Not all essential oils are created equally, some don't even use a real plant. Always be careful to read the ingredient list.

With that said, I tried to check this essential oil and I couldn't find an ingredient list anywhere. But, I'm going to trust that this is actuallly all natural and safe.

For me, I have to like it right from opening or I have to learn to love it. This oil was great from the offset. You open your package up to a nicely designed small box, that isn't wasteful and draws you in with small splashes of color.

The bottle is a simple but pretty brown and seems pretty thick. I drop a lot of things, so I'm hoping this 10 ml bottle isn't the next one!

Start by twisting the lid off, this may be difficult for those with hand pain and problems. As soon as it pops off, the cinnamon smell just lofts up to you.

In seconds, you are taken to your favorite cinnamon smell, Big Red, Fireball, Red Hots etc. I think it even made me hungry to be honest.

This company makes the usual claims, helps with immune system, depression, headaches, and inflammation. No bueno during pregnancy. Which is an interesting one to me, I'm not sure I have ever seen that on an essential oill before.

Anyway, this oil is amazing for when I need a relaxing bath. With just a few drops, I'm floating away on a stick of Big Red, enjoying life.

It also works well in our wax melt to revive the ones that may be loosing their scent. Of course, the skin as well, just be careful how much you are rubbing on.

Bottom line, it's not a bad essential oil. The smell is powerful but lovely and it does have a nice calming effect when I'm in the bath. Plus it shuold last for quite awhile. Check it out here:

Do you use essential oils? What scents are your favorite and do they really do the things they claim to? Please let me know below. Thank you so much for reading everyone!

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Regardless of price, all opinions are honest and 100% my own.

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