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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Let Half Dome keep you warm!

Growing up, we never went camping. I believe I went to camp one time and that was it. We just weren't into sleeping on the ground and becoming one with nature.

Over the years though, I have tried it a few times and it isn't so bad. What is bad, is when you aren't prepared for a cold night camping.

This sleeping bag will make sure you're prepared for close to freezing temps. It includes a hood, so your head will stay warm while you are sleeping as well.

When you open it, you see a nice poufy layer waiting for you. It reminds me of the poufy jackets, and it felt amazing! I almost forgot I was laying on the ground.

My husband is over 6 foot tall and it does fit him, but since there are two different zippers (one on each side), he can unzip the bottom and let his feet out, without unzipping the while bag. It also helps incase one of the zippers faulters.

We went out to the camp ground over the weekend and were able to get one night in, with it, before it rained. It was about 50 degrees that night and definitely chilly. I was nice and comfy and then my hubby spooned his way in with me. Now that's a close fit! Hahaha

The cutest part of this whole deal? They included a sleep mask. I have never seen this before. The idea is intertesting. I mean obviously in the woods, I won't be using one. Camping in the back yard? Maybe. In my bed? Oh yeah!

If you want a well made sleepign bag, that will keep you warm, this is it. You will be snuggled to sleep with the ease of the pouf and the hood. This is a great bag, check it out!

my year at camp was horrible, but I want to know about your camp experiences. Let me know below, I bet we get some good ones!

I received this bag from Half Dome in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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