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Monday, August 20, 2018

Be wise, and get Wiez earbuds.

Music has really changed in my life time. Listening to it, is definitely different as well. Back in the day, my parents had the combo player. Record player, 8 track, cassette, and radio.

Most of the time the speaker wires got cut somehow, or they stopped working and the whole thing was a wash. Next came Walkmans. We loved those things, but looking back, they weren't the best. One bump and you were scratching your CD. Unless you turned on the bump protection, and that ate up your battery.

But with the Walkman, came earbuds. So very simple and boring back in the day. Now you can get some amaziing headphones and earbuds. The technology has definitely stepped up in my life time.

These earbuds from Wiez, are definitely a step up. They fit in the ear and also go over the ear at the same time. They are wired, which makes them easy to throw over your shoulders like a necklace when you're done with them.

The first thing you notice about these earbuds, is how powerful they are. The bass these give you, rival the bass on bluetooth speakers. I've reviewed many earbuds, and this is hands down the best bass.

The earbuds look good and seem to be well made. I have twisted and moved them trying to break them and they haven't budged.

Now, I have praised these earbuds, and I love them, but this isn't a total love story. These earbuds are designed for sport, to not come off when you are running and exercising, but it doesn't quite work out that way. While these are great for lounging at home, they aren't so great in other situations.

My husband bends, climbs, and moves a lot at his job. The first day I got these, he took them to work. The loud environment, makes for a different review experience. While he loves the sound and especially the bass, he said the buds kept popping out of and off of his ear. By lunch, he gave up on them.

Riding his bike, even gives him the same outcome. While they look good for sport, these are better for just lounging around and not really moving much.

Regardless, The sound and bass.. I know I know, you keep talking about it. Of course I do! If you could hear it, you would too. You need to hear it! Check them out at the link below!

As always, thank you so much for reading everyone. What is the first music player you remember and which one is your favorite?

I received these Wiez earbuds in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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