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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Unicorn Party Decor

When I was little, I don't remember any birthday parties. It was always just my sister's, brother, and my parents. We are a close family...just not that close. I prefer to do the same thing with my kids and they don't seem to mind.

Even though it is just us and a few close friends and family, decor is key. You have to have some sort of fun right? Fads come and go and unicorns are no different. They seem to fade away and then come back with a bang and my youngest has caught the unicorn bug.

Moon Boat has created a pretty cool Unicorn party backdrop. It includes wall stickers and tissue flowers. No real instructions though, so I had to go by Google and the amazon listing to figure it out.

Make sure you read how big it is. As you can see, one of the flowers is bigger than my hand and I have pretty big hands. If I had to guess I would say it is 3 feet by 2 feet.

Even though it is a party decoration, I thought my step daughter would really love it, so now it's a part of her room. The wall stickers can be moved of course, so if you want to move it around the room or for a party, it won't hurt your walls.

If you have a unicorn lover, this will be perfect for their party. We think it looks amazing! Thank you so much for reading, please go to Amazon and find out more about this party decor and please leave me a comment below and tell me what your favorite thing was as a child.

I received this product at a discount, in exchange for my honest review.

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