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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Rocking out with Ancordworks.

When I started this journey almost six years ago, I never realized the impact I could have on people. This blog is for you, always remember that everything I review is to help someone and it's the best job ever in my opinion.

We get to form pretty good bonds. This company is one that I praise a lot, but they really do deserve it. The quality of their products and their brand is very high and I'm in love with all of their speakers.

This little beauty, is a nice orange and green square, with an 8 watt speaker inside. You can use it with bluetooth and an auxillary cable. I have never had a problem with these speakers before, but I did this time.

First, the good news.. this speaker works perfectly with my husbands' phone. the bad? It will not work with either of my phones. It's the first time this issue has come around, it probably isn't a cause for concern, but just remember that.

In terms of sound, it wails pretty loudly. Probably one of their loudest speakers and it even includes a bit of bass which is always nice. If you keep the volume down and only listen for a few hours a day, this speaker should stay charged for a week or two.

My husband rides his bike all the time and always has to have music with him.  This speaker provides him with two different options. Looping the strap over one fo the handle bars and letting it hang, or mounting it to your bike. Remember the mount is not included, but a perfect way to keep your speaker safe.

We really enjoyed this speaker, the volume level is good, it has some bass, quick charging, and it stays charged for quite awhile. Please go and check this speaker out on Amazon, if you don't like this one, they have so many more. You're bound to find one you like!

Thank you so much for reading everyone. You are all appreciated, this wouldn't be without you. My question for the day: What was your favorite childhood song?

I received this speaker at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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