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Friday, June 1, 2018

Give your fridge a splash of color with Idyewant.

Growing up, my mom never wanted stuff on the fridge. She always scolded us when we left something up for too long. I love you mom, but you are definitely a clean freak... and now I am.

I started out wanting to have everything on the fridge as a way to rebel. Slowly I started taking things down and throwing them away. My OCD was taking over. ow I keep pictures on the fridge and use a bunch of magnets. Those magnets get messy and get in the way on a daily basis.

You know you're a grown up, if you get excited about fridge magnets. Sigh..I was so excited, it's almost sad. hahaha Once they got here, I was even more excited. They came right out and I started organizing the pictures.

This set is essentially picture frames, that are magnetic instead of wooden or plastic. They fit 4 x6 and 5x7 sized pictures and lay flat on the fridge door.

You get a small blue, purple, red, and black, plus two big black frames. The colors really make my dull fridge pop and it helps a lot with my OCD as well.

I love the way they work with my fridge and pictures. You can frame other things as well, like the shopping list, love notes, art from the little ones, etc. It is such a cool idea. You need to check them out and pick up a set for yourself!

As always, I appreciate everyone for reading. Question of the day: What is the weirdest thing you have found on or inside a fridge? Please let me know below!

I received this set of magnetic picture frames at a discount, in exchange for my honest review.

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