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Saturday, May 5, 2018

My "Skin feels Good" with Lancome.

I never really learned how to put on make up. It probably shows as well. Every time I watch a video or watch a friend, or even do it myself, I feel like I'm getting better.

As far as coverage goes, I usually have to buy the cheap stuff that doesn't ever seem to work very well. Money is a problem for us, but I really found something that worked, I think I could swing the price.

I didn't know much about Lancome or their prices before I got into this Influenster campaign. It just wasn't something I was in to. First, I have to say, I appreciate that I was chosen by Influenster and Lancome for this box and I can't thank you enough.

Skin Feels Good, is amazing. It made me look like a person with different skin. Now, this foundation is $35, but like I said, it really does work and i think it is well worth the price.

One thing I love about this stuff.. you don't need much to get a good layer of coverage. That means, it lasts longer. Plus, it doesn't cake on my face and they have a bunch of different shades. You have to check this stuff out!

They also sent me a few other things. Genifique Youth serum which is amazing. It doesn't make your face tight, but it really does give you a good look and starts working in the first few days!

Renerige Lift. A little goes a long way and like the other, it starts working in the first few days. My wrinkles started going away after only a few days. It was shocking!

Last but not least, Primtastic Plump, lip plumper. First, I love the color, and it looks good on my lips. Second, I have big lips already and this did nothing for them size wise. I'm not impressed, especially when it costs $22 at Sephora.

That was my awesome set of review products from Lancome and Influenster. I got it all for testing purposes.

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