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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Party time just got slappier!

My youngest biological child has gotten really into unicorns in the last year. One day she came home and that was all she talked about. I had to switch all my plans around, to accomodate for birthday and holiday stuff.

I remember how it is. Lisa Frank and trapper Keeper's were all the rage back in my day. I had to have it all. I still have obsessions and make new ones every single day.

90Shine has some really awesome products and this is one. So far I have reviewed a few of their party favor products and I have had a great experience so far.

Now on to the important stuff, the slap bracelets! You get 4 different designs and 6 of each design, so 24 slap bracelets. Perfect for party favor bags, stockings, easter baskets etc. To be honest you could fill up a nice unicorn bag with this and the other products I have reviewed.

Each of the 4 have a different but similar design. All have a unicorn except one that is just rainbow hearts. The rest all have at least 1 unicorn. The colors are nice and bright and really pop. The bracelets themselves, seem to be quality and I haven't been able to break one of them yet.

I believe your kids will love these slap bracelets. They will always be a blast from my past and I still love them. Please go and check them out and check out the other 90Shine products as well!

Thank you so much for reading everyone. Please let me know in the comments, what your favorite thing was growing up or the biggest fad that you hated! Have an amazing day.

I received these slap bracelets from 90shine at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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