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Thursday, April 5, 2018

American Flag DIY Wreath

Most people think wreaths are just for Christmas. Wreaths are something that look good, but are also fun to make for different holidays. One thing they have done for me..seriously reduce my hanger population. If you have seen my previous wreaths, you know the basic way to make this flag.

For those who don't know, enjoy, and thank you for finding your way to our DIY wreath. For those back for another, please let me know how your previous wreaths have gone in the comments below. Now, it's time to get started.

I make wreaths in two different ways: with trash bags, and with T shirts. I started using shirts, because I couldn't find the trash bags colors I needed for a project. Honestly there isn't any difference in the way they go on the hanger. Texture is what you are going for in the end. Check out previous wreaths to see how the trash bags look.

Now, What you need:

Red T Shirt
Blue T Shirt
White T shirt
Scissors or Fabric Cutters

Simple right?

First, cut out about 20 strips in each color, to the size you want your strips to be. Make sure you can still tie them. You may want to tie a few, to get your desired length.

Once you have that ready, mold the hanger into the shape that you want, it  doesn't have to be perfect, you can move it around when you are done as well.

When everything is ready, start tying them onto the hanger. The tighter you make them on the hanger, the more you can put on. If you have smaller shirts, you may want them to be looser. You still get the wreath, without seeing the hanger.

I played around with the idea of doing it like an a real flag. Blue on the top right, panels of red and white, etc, but I decided to go this route instead. I feel like you still get the pride, without being too much. But, I think both ways would work well.

I have to say, I really like this wreath, it would work well in any shape honestly, and they are a breeze to make. Show your American spirit below. Thank you so much for reading and happy crafting.

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