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Sunday, February 4, 2018

DIY Memory Magnets

Art has always been a thing for me. It comes up with everything I do. Before I got married and became poor (haha) we bought everything we needed. Now though, art has to step in and help me.

We all get that junk mail from fast food places, that have magnets attached to them. I'm not sure about you, but I don't hang them on my fridge. Instead, I'm going to use those magnets for other things.

For this craft, you should have everything on hand already.

Hot Glue Gun

These can be put together quickly and when you are done, you have something that really means something. Instead of another silly magnet from the store.

I gathered up a few silly things for this one. My husband brought me home a snapple lid about true love, and we don't drink much BUT, I made a magnet out of all the different drinks. Silly to you, but meaningful to me for sure.

First off, make sure you plug in and get your hot glue gun heating up. sit it to the side, but remember it is there. My arms and fingers have more than a few scars and burns.

Take the magnet off the junk mail and cut it into the size strips you need for your memory or memories. I just did a basic size for all and have a small bit of overflow but I think they look just fine.

When the glue gun is hot, glue one strip or two if your item is heavy, onto the back of your item. Make sure to remember to keep the exposed side of the magnet to the outside. Hold them together a bit but remember, IT'S HOT.

After a few minutes, you should be ready to hang them on your fridge. I haven't tried to hold anything up with mine, but you may be able to.

As always, have a good time with this. It may seem silly and tacky but home made is the best. It took my home from basic and boring, to interesting and splashes of color. We all have memories and items we don't know what to do with, turn them into something cool.

Thank you so much for reading everyone, I really appreciate every single one of you and I hope you have fun making my crafts and of course, I hope you make them much bettter than I do. Have a great one!

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