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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Clever Valentine's Day DIY Sign

Everyday I seem to miss my father even more. We use to watch all the shows together and now I watch them. I guess in an attempt to bring back those memories.

Roseanne is one of those shows. I remember him letting me stay up late just to watch with him. They weren't the perfect family, but they were a good family and in ways, a lot like mine. My sign reflects the love I have for everyone in my life.

To make this sign, you only need a few items:

Trash Bag

Like usual, short and sweet and easy to do. Hopefully you have all of this already laying around your home. Now, let's put it together.

First, pick out the size of sign you want, and cut that size out of the cardboard. It doesn't have to be perfect, close always counts with my crafts.

Once you have that done, wrap the bag around the carboard. I put mine down inside and cut it down from there. But you can also wrap it at the top to still be able to use your trash bag. Mine just go to the next craft honestly.

At first I went for the hanging sign approach. I cut a larger portion of bag than I needed and cut out the sides, kind of like ropes. But, it is just as easy to simply cut off the excess and sit the sign somewhere. The "ropes" kept coming undone and the sign would be on the ground by morning.

Once you have that decision made, simply tape it all up until you are satisfied. Now, the hardest part.. picking out an image or quote to put on your sign.

Once you have that done, bring out your inner artist and make an amazing sign. I already told you why I picked Roseanne. What quote would you go with? Please let me know below and have an amazing day.

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