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Monday, February 26, 2018

Be a star and go buy the Star DVD!

Growing up, I went to church every single Sunday with my grandparents. I couldn't wait to get to that day of the week. Church gave me so much to think about and learn, not only about the Bible but about myself as well.

Going on through life, I took what I learned and I hope that I live up to what I hoped I would be when life was so much simplier. Back then we did what we were told without a bat of an eye, now we are out here all on our own.

The Star, is a great way for kids and adults alike, to remember what this life is really all about and who we are living for. Plus, they have stars like Mariah Carey that you can sing along with.

The characters, songs, and sights are so much fun. They really keep you interested and waiting for the next part.

One of my kid's favorite parts, is the interactive bible. They have so many more cool ways to learn now than I did back then. This DVD is perfect if you want them to learn in an exciting way.

You have to check out this DVD, pop some popcorn, and sit down and enjoy with your kids. I believe everyone can enjoy this just like my family did. If you do, please let me know below. Thank you so much for reading and remember, go check out THE STAR!

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