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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Valentine's Day DIY Wreath

Valentine's day, day of love or Hallmark holiday? I never have been a fan of the day. Many of my love quests turned out horribly and to me, it was just another day. Buy me things every day, not because you feel like you have to for that day.

There are good memories of Valentine's day that I think we can all share. The boxes at school. You know what I mean, before popularity was a thing and you gave everyone a Valentine. If you were lucky you would get a special one. At my high school they had roses you could buy for people, it was always fun to get a rose to take home. That was pre Bachelor of course.

This wreath is pretty much the same as the other ones, I made, in case you haven't checked them out, it is super simple and pretty cute. Gather up colored bags, scissors, a hanger, and decorations, and we can get started.

First, take the bags and cut them up into the size strips that you want. It is easiest to cut up as many as you can before you get started. But I can't tell you how many you will need so you will have to cut more later.

Set them aside and pick up the hanger. Right now, just shape it as a circle, mine is a heart, but I shaped it afterwards. It is a lot easier to keep it in the shape you want it in when you do it that way.

Next, start tying the strips to the hanger. If they are too big, you can always trim them later. Just continue around until you fill up the hanger with your strips.

After that I shaped the hanger into my heart. The strips were pretty long, so I trimmed the inside, so you can see the nice shape of the hanger. It will make quite a mess, so make sure you do it over an empty box or trash can.

That could be the end right there, but you can also decorate it with glitter or anything else that sounds good. I used a heart necklace and I love the simplicity. Go crazy with it and have fun.

This one did take me quite awhile, only because of my arthritis and of course, I have a hand injury at the moment. It may take you about an hour or two but it is worth it and so cute!

I am ready for the next holiday. Do you craft for every holiday or just the major ones? If not crafting, do you just decorate? Please let me know that I amnot the only one! Thank you so much for reading everyone.

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