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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Treat your sweet to Veronica's Treats this Valentine's Day.

Valentine's day, day of love or man made Hallmark holiday? I think it really depends on the person and personal history. For years, that day and the whole month really were hated by me. Before I met my husband, I chose some real losers and holidays started to mean nothing.

Now that I am in a happy relationship, it could go either way. If we are broke, I couldn't care less, but if we have a little money, I better at least get a card. It seems silly though, you hsould show love all year around, but it is the perfect time to remind that person that you care.

Before I start talking about these delicious cake pops, I have to give you a little background on the company. Veronica's Treats started in 2003, they have since become the largest mail order bakery in New England. They have been featured on the Today Show twice, and were Rachael Ray's treat of the day. Aside from that they have been included in celebrity gift baskets, swag bags, and they work for companies like 1-800-FLOWERS and Zazzle. They feature hand made beautiful treats. Cake pops are just one product they offer, they also have Oreo Cookies, Brownies, Photo/logo and hand decorated cookies, among other things.

Now, on to these beautiful cake pops. They are a ball of cake, that seems to have been hand dipped and hand decorated. The best way I can explain the taste of these pops, is imagine brownies that you take out right before it starts to get dry, but right after it is runny. They are so moist and amazing.

I got all the same flavor, but I know they have a few others, including red velvet and lemon. My family and I are very happy with the chocolate that we got. It is a few bites, so don't worry that it is just one and done.

I believe these would be perfect for Valentine's Day. You will have to order pretty soon to get it in time for your special love. They even included a 15% code for you guys, use code: DBBP15 at checkout. Head over there right now and check them out.

My overall review of these cake pops..AMAZING, probably the best cake pops I have ever tasted. The cake was moist and not dry, the outside shell wasn't hard and it wasn't too sweet either. Plus the decor is beautiful, you can tell someone put their love into each and every one. I recommend everyone buys treats from Veronica's Treats!

Thank you so much for reading everyone. With that day of love coming up, I need DIY gift ideas for my husband. If you know of any or you have any questions about Veronica's Treats, please let me know in the comments. Have an amazing day everyone.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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