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Thursday, January 18, 2018

My First Lighting Job.

We moved into our home two Halloweens ago. At first glance, it appears that this place is amazing and in great shape. After living here for awhile though, you really see everything that needs fixed

I have been working to fix and add things since we moved in, when I can afford it or when I get review products. This time, I got one that the company just randomly sent. With no return address or any instructions, I can not review them. I can't legally review them until they do, so I will not be including a brand name with this post, until they do.

These lights are 10 ft in length. The power cord is pretty long with a nice big on/off and dimmer switch. It is very minimal but you will see the cord.

The individual lights have double sided tape on them. All you have to do is peel and stick. I chose to put mine underneath my kitchen cabinets. You can place them anywhere you need them including the kitchen, bathroom, wash room, closets etc. Anywhere you need more light.

Make sure you have a plan before going in. I got lucky and mine came out to be the perfect size for what I needed. Ten feet doesn't seem as big when you look at these.

Once you figure out your pattern, go one by one. Take the tape off the end LED and stick it to the clean surface. push it up to make sure the tape sticks well. Then, simply go around sticking it to your surface.

You can then use the switch to turn it on and off, the light is pretty bright this way, or you can use the dimmer part, by holding the button. It will take it from low to high and then when you hold it again, it will go from high to low. I like the softer light, they remind me a lot of the lights in a hospital.

So far, I am loving these lights, they have stuck to the surface with none falling so far. I'm annoyed that I can see the cord, but it is totally worth it. I need to get another set for my closet.

I need good tips on how to fix my home on little to no budget. Please leave me some tips below. Thank you so much for reading, have an amazing day.

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