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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Gratitude Journal For Women

Life? Well, let's be honest, I'm sure many of us would agree, that at least one area of our lives could be better. I would definitely raise my hand if asked.

Depression has been an issue for me for many years now. It started right after I got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and started really feeling the pain. Something like that can humble you, it can take you to the brink of giving up. It is pure hell on the mind and body 24/7. Remember, you have to keep fighting. There is no cure but you can help yourself live more comfortably!

The Gratitude Journal for Women, is perfect for situations like mine, and many others. It takes just five minutes a day to complete your page. You can even do different stories on the same page if you like.

You complete tasks like listing the traits you like about yourself, hardships, and body parts you like. It is a great way to remember happy memories, make you think about yourself, and even improve your overall mood, either in the moment, or by reading back old pages.

This is such an amazing book and Ifeel like it could help women of all different ages, I have written them all down for myself, but I am going to gift this book to my oldest daughter. She has been experiencing bullying and her self esteem is pretty low. I believe this book could really help her.

Please, if you or someone you love need this book, please check it out. This book could help change a life!
Gratitude Journal For Women on Amazon

We all need to rant sometimes, rant here, we all keep really good secrets considering we don't know each other! Seriously though, if you need anything ever, I'm always here to talk and will help any way I can! Have a beautiful day, you are appreciated and loved.

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