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Sunday, January 28, 2018

DIY Simple Heart Decor

If you have been following along with the previous posts, you will see that this one goes right along with the theme. Love, heart, happy, Valentine's day, whatever theme you decide is probably right.

Heck, this one even uses the leftovers of Post 1 in this series. Saving money will always be important and if I can make it out of things I already own.. let's do it! So, jumping right into this one, here is what you need:

Trash Bag Top

This one is super simple and like I said I already had the top of the trash bag from the earlier post.

Start out by folding the bag and cutting it into a heart, the bigger the better. That way when you unfold it it will unfold into a heart.

Before you unfold it though, cut notches all around it, you can do a lot or just a few, it is really up to you.

Once they are all cut, open it up and lay it flat on the table. You could stop right here and hang it this way if you want, it does look good and would hang easily.

But, what I did, was simply tied two pieces together all the way around. You can tie one with itself or you can tie it to the one beside it. You may want to do it on the rest of the trash bag to see what you like before doing it on the final product.

Once you have that all done, you can decorate it any way you like. Markers, glitter, tissue paper heart etc would all look good on this heart. I decided to go the plain route, it looks really pretty.

After that, just find a place to put it, I chose to hang it on a door that always stays shut. It is on a nail, but you still need some tape so the edges don't droop.

Super simple right? I have to say it looks really nice and it only took a few minutes. Let your imagination run wild with this one. What kind of DIY do you like?

I always try to start a conversation in the comment section, fingers crossed that today is the day. Thank you for reading everyone, have an amazing day.

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