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Monday, December 4, 2017

Hydration for days, with Shea Moisture.

My hair has always been my favorite feature. My husband may argue that my eyes are the best, but my thick beautiful black hair, will always be my best feature in my eyes.

I always have trouble finding products that will work for me and my hair. Many of them leave my hair looking and feeling greasy and that just won't work for me.

As a reviewer, I get a few perks, a whole Shea Moisture box set to review, is one of them. From the second you open the box, you get the sweet shea butter aroma, it's almost relaxing.

I got a few products, one for before bed and the rest for your wake up morning routine. Let's start with bedtime and your gorgeous face.

Daily Hydration Overnight Face Oil. It is just what it sounds like, a face oil. Pretty simple, wash your face and massage this oil in and let it soak overnight. You actually do wake up to some pretty soft skin with this product. I was reluctant, thinking it would make my sking greasy, but it was actually a great outcome!

For your hair and skin, they also included their 100% Pure Coconut Oil. It says, you can use this to moisturize, treat, condition, and to hydrate skin and hair, and even as a make up remover. This product can go either way with me, I always end up using too much and my hair comes out greasy. After a quick wash it does feel amazing, but to leave it in, I couldn't do that. Maybe you can for your hair type though and also, I may just need to work on using less.

Now on to the hair products, first is the leave in treatment. This one stays in, which is obvious by the name. It claims to create a barrier to help stop frizz, soften hair. After the shower and hair washing, spray this on damp hair, towards the bottom half and then air or blow dry. Iuse to have frizz troubles, but this product has really helped with that in the last few weeks. I'm pretty happy with this one.

Finally, we have the Daily Hydration Finishing Oil Serum. Wow, now that is a mouth full. This product comes in after all is said and done. Simply spray it on your hair focusing on the bottom half of your hair, midshafts and ends. This product will give you a beautiful shine and leave it feeling the best silk sheets.

All in all these products worked out pretty well for me, I'm pleased with my results and you definitely need to check out Shea Moisture!

I received these products from Influenster and Shea Moisture, in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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