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Thursday, December 28, 2017

BIC Wrapper Storage Decor DIY

Most people who buy lighters and pick out special ones, do so, so they can see the image they wanted. Once, the lighter runs out though, you throw them out and head to the next image for awhile.

My husband keeps alot of items, lighters are one if the weirdest of the bunch. Recently a lady asked for old BIC lighters for a project, so I helped her out and decided to do a project of my own as well.

Grab yourself a container, I used an old ice cream one.
Lighter wrappers
Double Sided Tape

As always, this is a super simple DIY. Take your container and attempt to take off any stickers, some like mine, don't come off, so stop trying. HAHA

When you have that done, Go around the bottom of the top lip one time with the double sided tape, and then a strip at the very bottom as well. You will need the tape again so keep it out but put it to the side for now.

Next, set the container down, and cut all the wrappers down to size. I mostly used the main image, but Sometimes, I used a bigger portion of the wrapper. It all depends on whether or not they were torn or not etc.

Line them up on the tape all the way around the container. If it has lips, you may need to cut slits, so the wrappers lay down. You can have a pattern or just put them any way you want.

Once that is done, take the excess of the wrappers and get them ready, get double sided tape around the rim, and then put the excess wrappers around the top. I made sure to use some that I didn't use below and those that I did as well. Of course I couldn't let them touch, because, well I'm weird.

After that, just sit it out and fill it up. Super simple and space saving, plus it got him to throw the lighters away! Do you have any weird thing you hoard? I love salt shakers lately!

So, as always, thank you so much for reading and for being a fan. You all mean the world to me, I couldn't do this without you.  Happy Holidays!

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