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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Simple Thanksgiving Wreath DIY

New seasons bring about new crafting ideas. When we lived in the apartment, I never got into the whole decorating thing. No one would see it, so what was the point? Now that we have an actual home with a yard, I'm exploring all the DIY options.

This wreath, is just like the Halloween DIY Wreath I did a month ago, just using different colored bags. In this one, I used:

Brown and white plastic bags
wire hanger

Figure out your pattern before hand, if there is one color you want to use more of, make sure you cut double the strips. It is so much easier, to cut a bunch of strips before you start working with them. I used about 10 brown bags and I honestly can;t tell you how many of the others, besides one black bag. To make it fuller though, you will need double what I used. I just ran out of brown bags.

When you have all of your strips cut, set everything else to the side. Next, shape your hanger out. I was going for a circle, but it came out looking like a heart, which actually looks pretty good.

One by one, take the strips and tie them to the hanger. You can make a simple knot or two, or you can make the bow ties. If you do the bow ties and don't like it in the end, you can always cut the ties.

Go around the hanger smooshing it up into itself, until you are happy with the amount, you run out of bags, or you just feel like stopping. Spread it out all out however you want or can.

After that, add any decorations you want. Also, before I ran out, I made my hanger smaller, you can do that if need be. I used my Halloween pumpkins, to hide it on top, but you can use any decor you can think of.

I really hope you have fun with this one. It is one of my favorites and I plan on making them for every holiday. If you try this, or have made your own cool wreath, let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate all of you. Since this is the month of thanks, THANK YOU ALL, for being such amazing fans. As always, I want to hear your DIY Ideas.

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