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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Olaf Flag DIY

Snowmen are all the same, I wanted to do something different with this DIY. First off, I have to say that I don't know anything about Frozen. I have never watched it, but my step daughter loves it.

This DIY is very simple and you don't need much in the means of items or time to complete it. I used:

White Trash Bag
Double sided tape
Double Sided Carpet Tape

I have a mini flag stand already, but you can also hang this from a tree branch as well.

Take the trash bag and unfold it all the way and then fold it in half. Cut it to cut the pole or leave it that length for a tree branch.

When you have it all cut to size and folded over, use the double sided tape and stick it all together.

Find an Olaf face, or any snowman face, in Google images. Once you have it, draw it on the trash bag. When you are happy with it, take it outside and hang it.

The heavy duty double sided tape comes in handy here when hanging it from the pole or branch. It will flap in the wind or just hang on the pole.

Have fun with it and draw anything you want on there. I'm sure I will do another one for Christmas, other than this flag.

Leave your comments and DIY tips below. I love to hear from you and how you are crafting away!

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