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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Health & Pure Face Mask Set

Sometimes, you don't know you need something, until you use them for the first time. Many years ago, when I reviewed my first face mask, I didn't think it would help at all.

I ended up pretty amazed. I thought, I'm 30 and I don't need products like this. Do I? I got to thinking about it and prevention is much better than simply preventing for a few hours only. Long story short, the face masks amazed me and you really get to see what they can do.

This is a set of 3 bottles. Matcha Tea Cream, Bentonite Clay Cream, and  Activated Charcoal Mask. They are all very different, so I'm going to spend a bunch of time one on one with them, because I have many different thoughts.

Let's begin with my least favorite of the bunch, the Bentonite Clay Cream. It is very true to it's name. When you put it on, it feels like you're spreading literal pottery clay on your face. It's also a bit rough coming off of your face. I got three uses out of the bottle.

The plus side? My face feels amazing. The bags seem a little less poufy and the skin is like silk. It does help, I just personally don't like it, and it is very thick, so it goes quick. I do love the results though. Sorry about this set of pics, I took them on the wrong phone and then they wouldn't bluetooth or save, it was a huge mess.

Next up, is the Charcoal mask. This one, I can go either way. I only put this mask on my nose, and a little bit on my check. Too many of those blackhead videos on Facebook I suppose. It goes on just like that and just like that, I could never get it to dry all the way.

They say 5-10 minutes, I waited 20 and it still didn't totally dry. Plus, It's really rough coming off, far worse than the above. You have to use a towel and scrub or it isn't coming off. Just like the above, you do so a nice improvement in your skin. Plus, after a week, I still have some left in the bottle.

Now, the Matcha Tea Cream. This is my favorite of the bunch. It is a lovely green, so you can feel like a wicked witch for 10 minutes. It goes on smoothly and you don't need too much of it. It feels great on the face, I didn't get the same tightness like I got with the other two. The mask was actually quite comfortable. Taking it off was a breeze, no scrubbing, just running your wet hands over your face.

This ironically, was the first one I tried out. I had a zit on day one and it was gone by day two, plus my skin looked and felt amazing all week. Silky smooth skin is always a win in my book.

All of these masks will give you what you're looking for. You just have to try them out and decide which one you like the best. I'm not sure if they sell these individually in bigger bottles or not, but they should! Remember, these are only my opinions, you may hate the Matcha and love the rest, we're all different. Give them a try for yourself and let me know what you think about them at the link below.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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