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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

DIY Halloween Wreath

Sometimes, I get so busy looking ahead, that I look over the other things I can do. This way of thinking seems to creep into everything I do. Relationships, friendships, and even hobbies.

It definitely creeps into my blogging and DIY work. So much of my time has been spent looking ahead, instead of looking at smaller things I can do in the moment. That was, until we moved into our new home. Anything I can make for it, I will.

Since it is Halloween month and I finally have a yard, I HAVE to decorate for Halloween. When you are poor though, that is easier said then done. So, you work with what you got, and I have a lot of fun with that.

When I think wreath, Christmas comes to mind. But this project has definitely opened my eyes on the possibility of having one for every holiday. Doors are so simple, but people often forget to decorate them.

Want to make your own wreath? It is pretty simple and a whole lot of fun. Here's what you need:

Trash bags ( Your choice of colors)
Wire Hanger
Decor (Anything you want to add)

First off, take your hanger, and shape it into the best circle you can. I gave up after awhile and just went with the best I could get. With my decor, you can't notice it isn't perfect.

Place the hanger to the side, and pick up a trash bag. Leave it folded and cut them into strips, (5-6 inches, not long ways) Cut at least 50 strips of the main color and 20 of the secondary. You can cut more as you go, once you see how much, that covers, depending on the size of your hanger.

Once you get the strips done, take the hanger and the first strip and just tie it to the hanger, no loops, just a knot. Put on about 10 to see if you like your pattern, you can always add more or take them away.

Continue, until you have the whole circle covered. I made sure, mine were pushed tight, but you can give them more space in between each one.

Once you're satisfied, start spreading out and fluffing the trash bags, to your liking. Since I used a different type of bag, my purple sections had no extra to fluff. It is much easier to use real trash bags.

When that is done, simply hang it that way or choose your decor. I chose fake Spiderweb. You can pick some up on Amazon, the company name is Kangaroo.

Most of all, HAVE FUN WITH IT! It did take me a few hours, but I also have arthritis. If you happen to do this craft, can you let me know how long it took you?

This DIY was so much fun to do and it is just the start! Please tell me your Halloween DIY's. Have fun crafting everyone. :)

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