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Saturday, October 7, 2017

DIY Halloween Ghoul

Decorations don't have to cost a lot to look cool. I have made more than a few craft decors that looked great and even a few that look like they cost some money. I obviously can't take credit for any of the ideas, I am giving you. I simply go to Google and find some images I feel like i can replicate.

So far, I have done a wreath, spider web, ghosts, and now I add this cool ghoul. You don't need very many suppplies, you may already have them at home. Here is what I used:

Trash Bag

The whole craft only takes a few minutes to put together and set outside, and most of us already have these items at home.

First, take a trash bag and cut off the top, if it is a tie type. That will just get in your way and it would look weird on the finished product.

After that, cut strips about halfway up. You can stagger the cuts, up to halfway if you want. I found it easier to do it this way, then to try and cut them after spreading out the bag.

Next I went outside to my porch and put the whole bag over a solar light. The lights don't work very well anyway. You can put them anywhere you like.

Once the bag was on, the mask went right over it. Mine sits pretty well on the light and doesn't slip down.

Once you are done with that, cut the top on both sides, into strips. Do whatever looks good to you.

Then, just wait for some wind. It really is that simple. I love how they blow in the wind and how cheap they are to make!

As always, leave me your DIY tips and crafts in the comments below. I will make sure to leave props for you in the future blog post. Thank you so much for reading!

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