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Saturday, October 7, 2017

DIY Halloween Ghosts

The end of the year, is the best. My kids and Husband all have birthdays. Plus Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas. I have so much going on, it sometimes seems like a blur.

Last year at this time, we were just getting our new home and weren't even moving in for a few more weeks from now. Long story short, there was too much going on to really decorate. This year, we are just too poor. But I love Halloween and I had to figure out a way to decorate.

Naturally, I needed to go the DIY route, and use products that I already have around the house. They don't look as good as the expensive store bought ones, but it is a lot of fun... when they turn out right, that is.

Ghosts are a staple of Halloween, so I had to find an easy but cute way to make some. I needed:

Trash Bags
Plastic Bags (Grocery)
Rubber bands/tape

That's it! I am sure you have all this already in your home, or in your yard. This only took about half an hour to make 4 ghosts.

First, pack plastic bags into another plastic bag. You can do them in balls, or you can ball one up and bag it and so on, until you get to your desired size.

Once that is done, put the stick up inside. Depending on the size of your bags, the longer the better. I used bamboo sticks here. Tie the main bag to the stick.

Once you have that secure, put a trash bag over the whole thing. Tighten it around the bottom of the plastic bags with tape or a rubber band.

After that, draw on your faces. I googled ghost faces, to get the idea for mine and my husband did one on his own.

Once that is done, so are you! Simply stick it into the yard. Make sure you get the stick down far enough that the wind won't blow them away.

That's it, how simple is that? You can also do this with glow sticks in the head or attached to the stick for a glowing Halloween night!

Please leave me your ideas below, I need some more decorating ideas and always, DIY. Thank you so much for reading everyone. Have an amazing day!

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