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Monday, October 9, 2017

DIY Ghost Flag

Growing up, my mom decorated for Christmas, but only inside. I seem to be the same way at Christmas time. I do not want to get out there in the cold, to put up lights or decor.

Halloween is different though. Since we got our new place and I actually have a yard, I really want to decorate. Since we are poor, we don't have the money to buy decorations. That is why I started this set of DIY posts. Make sure you look around, there are many more.

I know that most of my decor so far has been really simple, but I wanted to get even easier! The next three will be super simple!

This ghost flag is very easy. Here is what I used: (in super spooky lighting, because I forgot the flash lol)

White Trash Bag
Double Sided Tape
Small Flag Stand

You have all that right? If you don't have a flag stand, i'm sure you could also hang this from a tree branch.

To begin, I unfolded the trash bag so it laid out flat, and then I folded it in half. Fold it to your own desired size, depending on the stand or branch if you hang it from a branch.

Next, I cut a jagged edge into the bottom, You can cut strips, zig zag, or any bottom you want. Make sure you cut it to fit not only across your stand, but taking care that it isn't too long as well.

Next, I drew on a face, that I found on Google images. Draw or write anything you desire, on your flag. Make it your own and have fun with it!

Take off your current flag or trim the branch you are going to use for this project.

After that, wrap the bag over the top and use the double sided tape to keep it on the stand and attach the clip at the bottom.

That's it! Super simple right? Be on the look out, the next two are even easier. I really appreciate you reading and as always, I love DIY, give me your tips in the comments below. Happy haunting everyone.

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