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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

GoodTurn Paper Towel Holder

It is no secret that Amazon really made it hard on us reviewers. Especially the honest ones, who were really just trying to help others. Many of us have turned to discount groups. We don't have to review, but we do anyway, because we want to help.

That is how I found this beauty. Most paper towel holders are boring rods that go under your cabinet or on top of your counters. Nothing special about them and definitely don't stand out in a store.

GoodTurn did just that, they took a good turn on the paper towel holder business. With or without paper towels, these is a beautiful piece to have in your kitchen. They really put the art in heart with this one.

As someone who loves to draw and write and anything really with art, I'm happy to have this paper towel holder. The gorgeous lines and base bring it to life.

I know I know, it is a paper towel holder and you think I am going overboard. Honestly, I thought the same thing, until it got here. The pictures do not give it justice and this is something I have needed for years.

This holder will fit perfectly in any kitchen, but especially those with black or steel appliances. Check it out on the link below.

I received this at a discount but was not obligated in any way to leave a review. Thank you so much for reading everyone!

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