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Friday, August 4, 2017

FitMotion Hand Bands

When you have arthritis, you try everything you can find to help with the pain. Even if it was just for a second. Sadly, there isn't much to help with that kind of pain. The next best would be help for my joint pain and luckily these say, they do just that.

We all know there is a surge of products lately since the fidget spinner came out. Everyone wants that next big thing that may or may not help with their anxiety. I myself have many spinners and cubes. They do a lot for me so I was really excited about this set of hand bands.

My hands and arthritis weren't so excited. The arthritis has been bad lately and these bands just seem to hurt them even more. I had to pass this review over to my husband and he reported back to me.

Hand Bands are pretty simple. You put your fingers through, making sure it is on tight, and then you slowly pull your fingers apart and open, hold, and let go. Do as many sets of those as you can the first few times, and then settle into a set number when you get use to using them.

You get three bands with this set. The pink is the beginner and the easiest, followed by green or medium, and blue/purple being the hardest to use.

Now on to the claims. They say that these help with joint pain, finger strength, a few other things, and then at the very end, it says helps with anxiety. With me being the one with anxiety and most of the other problems this helps with, my hubby wasn't able to tell me how they worked for them. He did say that it did seem to take away a bit of the pain from his arm and elbow and he felt a bit better afterwards.

You can use these at home or on the go and you don't need to give it full attention. You can do it while cleaing the house, watching tv, or while riding in a vehicle down the highway. They seem to be well made and the colors are great. Go and check out this set on Amazon.

Thanks for reading everyone. I did receive this product at a discount but all opinions are honest and my own.

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