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Thursday, July 27, 2017

How to make a pouch out of your cut up jeans.

Anytime I see something that would normally be thrown out, I make sure I can't do anything with it. Including empty boxes, like the Packet holder and the Chip clip holder.

My husband ripped his pants riding his bicycle and ended up cutting them off into shorts. On the way to the trash can I decided that I needed to make something with them.

It was still in a cylinder, so I just turned them inside out and started sewing up the one end. When I was done, I simply flipped it back out.

You are left with a pouch, or you could make your own strap and flap out of the other pieces of the pants and make a purse. You could also sew it so it will fit around a planter and many other things.

The one other special thing I thought about Was using the pants of someone who passed, and making a pillow, or any of the above out of it, by simply sewing both ends after putting stuffing inside.

I love simple. If you have anything you made yourself, leave it below so I can try too. Thanks for reading everyone. Have a great one!

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