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Monday, July 17, 2017

How to clean your wax melter.

We are a family of many smells. My husband has a stinky job, there are stinky feet, stinky trash, and sometime stinky drains.

It is safe to say that we use our wax melt a lot. I usually turn it on a few times a day, just to get the smell circulating. Our neighbors have said they can smell in at their vehicles.

Our problem, and I don't know if it is the wax or the wax melter itself, but the wax tends to burn and leaves nasty brown marks on the container.

Once that happens, it never smells the same. I scrubbed and scrubbed but had no idea how to get iit off of there. Then one day my husband cleaned it in front of me and I ealized how easy it really is.

All you need is a rag and some alcohol. Just put a small amount on a rag or napkin and pour a small bit into the container. After it sits for a second, you can literally wipe the burnt right off making your wax melt container look brand new.

Alcohol is something we all seem to have in our homes, and pretty cheap. If you have a wax melter, make sure that you keep some on hand!

If you know how to keep the wax from burning, please let me know in the comments below. It doesn't happen often, but it is rather annoying! Thanks for reading guys and gals.

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