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Thursday, June 15, 2017


With everything going on in this world, certain things seem silly to dwell on. Like the president for example. I am definitely not getting into that today, or I could be talking all day.

Instead, I wanted to tell you about a beautiful group I was introduced to a few weeks ago. their name, is LoveMore.

Basically the group promotes loving each other or loving more. Their message, is that we all need to love each other. No matter what race, gender, or religion you are or whether you are poor or rich. Just make the effort to reach out and love each other.

This is a simple message, but one we really need right now. I hope you will all make your way over to the LoveMore site.

While you are there, please take a peek in the shop or just donate and help support this amazing group. If you can't buy anything, simply spread the word about LOVEMORE, tell everyone about their mission and where they can find the site.

Have a beautiful day everyone, thank you for reading!

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