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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Father's Day without a dad.

Life throws you curves. Sometimes we will never understand these curves. Death, is one of those things that we will just never get over.

My dad died a few years ago, and the holidays have never been the same. I never realized growing up how much he made them great, or how much I would miss him there.

I'm not knocking Father's day, but it isn't a day that I like to celebrate. It really changes your life when you lose a parent. I'm sure people who have lost their moms, feel the same way on Mother's day.

Don't feel sorry for us though, just do us a favor, and cherish every minute you can with them. For yourself, and for us. We don't hate you for having the loved one we don't have, we are jealous of the time you get.

Jealous seems like a dirty word, but in this case, it is a compliment. You have the most precious gift in the world, please don't ruin it.

Share the memories of your loved ones, down below. I'm in need of a good cry and I think you all can give it to me. Have a beautiful day!

All photos taken from Google.

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