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Monday, May 22, 2017

My how graduation invites have changed!

My oldest will be starting high school in August. I wonder how I got so old. At the same time, wondering how I am going to do this when they all get to high school.

My niece (Husband's niece) is having her graduation party next month and we just got her invitation.

Back when I graduated, 16 years ago (holy crap!!) we had normal invites, that were plain with our names, date and a place.

These graduation invites now though, they may not end up in the trash. This one, was made through Shutterfly. You can tell they give you a nice quality product.

I'm pretty impressed with this. It also helps the extra family members, who wouldn't get one, get a bunch of senior photos. I love it!

I have 4 years to figure it out, who knows, they may have really improved by then. I just had to share this with everyone, since I know those parties are coming up!

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