Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Looking for Help

Sometimes, it is hard to admit when you need help. It is time for me to suck up my pride and realize that I can't do this all alone anymore.

My lovely partner Lacey is having some ongoing family problems and can no longer help me with the blog, reviewing, or social media. I tried to take it all on, on my own the last few months, and it hasn't gone well.

I am looking for someone to help me out. The blog isn't getting the attention it needs from me, and social media is definitely taking up all my time.

I need someone who wants to start their own blog, has something to get out, or just wants to make a single blog post. I can not pay you, but it will be great practice and exposure, for your future blog.

It can be a great learning experience if you really take advantage of the chance. I need at least 5 blog posts a day. You can review, DIY, etc. Pretty much anything but politics.

If you think you can help me, please comment below and I will get ahold of you. Thank you for reading! Pictures from Google.

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