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Friday, April 7, 2017

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Part 2 Flower

Here comes yet another fun craft with toilet paper rolls. It seems like such a weird thing to use, but art can be anything, so why not these?

This craft is pretty simple, just like the first. It is a toilet paper roll flower and I think you might like this one!

What you need, is pretty much the same. Toilet paper rolls, glue/glue gun/tape, tissue paper, and scissors. Plus anything else you want to add to your flower!

First, cut the rolls into equal strips or circles. Then affix two of them together leaving one lone circle.

Take the circle and make sure it is round, it may flatten out when you are cutting them, it did happen to me..of course.

Then take the sets of two and glue them around the circle. If you need any fillers our you want to add leaves, cut up a few more toilet paper rolls and stick on single ones, shaped like leaves into the empty slots.

After that, cut around the general shape and affix the tissue paper on top. cut to fit and add anything else you want to the flower.

This craft is simple and quick to do and I think it would be fun for birthday parties or even hanging on the wall. Especially since you may have most of this stuff at home!

Thank you so much for reading. Have a great day everyone!

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