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Friday, April 7, 2017

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Part 1 Easter Bunny

I love a fun craft that I don't have to put much money into. I mean how fun is it, to see a cool craft, and already have the stuff you need!

That is pretty much how these came about. I was googling crafts one day and found a whole bunch of these! Basically all you need, is toilet paper rolls, glue/glue gun/tape, tissue paper and scissors.

You have most of those right? Everything I make can be embellished with glitter buttons, paint, etc. Anything you want to use to make them your own. I'm going to start out with a nice Easter craft, my daughter wanted to make this one all on her own.

The instructions are pretty simple. Start out by cutting toilet paper rolls into equal or as close to equal as you can get strips or circles.

Next up, start to glue or tape them together in the bunny formation. It is super easy to do, but please, if you or your child is using a hot glue gun, always do so safely. I burn myself a lot!

Once you have the shape down, you have a few choices to make. My daughter rolled up tissue paper and stuck it inside of them. You can also cut the shapes and glue the tissue paper right to it, or you can paint it all white and leave most sections empty.

Lastly, draw on a cute face and add any other embellishments to your bunny. The hot glue gun had it dry and pretty stuck together quickly! These are fun to do and my daughter had a blast!

Keep an eye out for Parts 2 and 3. Thank you so much for reading and please tell me about the bunnies that you make!

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