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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Planting Wildflowers

Bees..they can be annoying and sometimes killer, but they are essential and we need to save them! I got some seeds to review and a pack from Cheerios.

I found the area with the most sun in my yard. It will not be seen by people in the front of our home, but the ones in the back will see them!

Make sure you clear the are of weeds and till it up. You don't need to dig in very far at all.

Just sprinkle the seeds over the top and lightly tap them down with just a bit of dirt.

Once you are done, you can water these, if there isn't much rain at the time. They will only come up once, but I hope it is worth it...for the bees!

If they happen to grow, I will update and let you all see how cool it looks! Please tell me about your gardens!

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