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Friday, April 7, 2017

Keeva Bath Bombs

There are so many different crazes going around. First it was the candles with jewelry inside and now we have bath bombs, and some people are even making those with stuff inside!

These bath bombs don't have anything inside of them..except magic. They each do something different for you, like relaxing you.

Bath bombs are pretty simple to use. just run your bath to the temperature of your liking, pick the bath bomb you want to use, unwrap it and throw it in.

You will see it working and it doesn't take long. My bathroom fills with the smells of these bath bombs. Now I do have to say, I got these a very long time ago. I was not allowed to verify and do not have the products or pictures anymore, so I am very sorry for the stock photos.

These bath bombs are great in my small bathroom and they should be ok for a larger one as well. The smell may not be so much in a bigger one! Go and check these out on their Amazon product page.

I received this product at a  discount in exchange for my honest review.

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