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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Kangaroo Lil Sprouts

I love holidays, more so when I was a child but now is fun too..just really expensive. But, there are a few sellers on Amazon that are easy on the wallet.

This seller, is Kangaroo. They have a wide variety of products, many of which you will see in the next few posts. With Easter in a few days, there is still time to pick some of these up!

Lil Sprouts are probably my favorite Easter product out of the whole lot. I got a three pack and a four pack. The only difference between the two, is the three pack is of course cheaper, and the 4 pack includes a frog.

These are pretty simple to do. I took a series of pictures over the last four days. They will get bigger then this and all you have to do is drop and hold the egg under water, until it stays down.

In the next day or two it will start to hatch, once it does or mostly does, remove the shell from the water. The kids can take them out and play with them, or leave them in the water for a few weeks to see how big they can get!

I think kids of all ages (even 34 year old bloggers lol) will love these. Every morning my kids woke up, they had to check the eggs and now the pets. Such a fun thing to do together!

Remember there is still time to get these. Just search Easter eggs on Amazon. It may take a few pages but you will find them and they are worth the search!

I received this product at a discount, I am not required to leave a review.

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