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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Kangaroo Emoji Eggs 24 Pack

Emojis are huuge right now. I know my kids love them, so why not have fun with Easter and pick up a bag of these.

They are well made and the pictures are all printed on well. I didn't have any broken ones and they are easy to open and close.

They are the size of a normal plastic egg and are big enough to fit a few surprises inside if they are small.

The yellow makes them perfect for hiding in the yard. It almost makes them too easy to find. I think the kids are going to love this on Easter!

Plus, I kept four for myself, they will break theirs so I wanted to make sure I kept a few. To display them with my Easter decorations, I did a small life hack and cut up an egg carton. They sit right down inside.

There is still time to get them before Easter if you order soon! All you have to do is search Easter Eggs on Amazon. It may take a few pages but you will find them!

I received this product at a discount with no obligation to leave a review.

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